Antim Sanskar- Last Rites

Pandit Ji’s for Amavasya Tarpan puja is pivotal. With deep scriptural knowledge, they guide families through offerings to ancestors during the new moon phase. Leading in mantras and rituals, Pandit Ji nurtures the bond between the living and ancestral spirits. Beyond rituals, their guidance emphasizes lineage and family connections, fostering a sense of belonging. Through Pandit Ji’s role, families honor ancestors and find a profound connection that transcends generations.

Key Insights:

  • Amavasya Tarpan Puja: Ancestor honor, gratitude.
  • Harness new moon’s energy for benefit.
  • Offerings symbolize respect, remembrance.
  • Balance ancestral karma, bring harmony.
  • Strengthen lineage, carry blessings.
  • Introspection, gratitude for guidance.
  • Rituals cleanse, connect with spirit.
  • Water offering uplifts departed souls.
  • Sustain cultural, familial legacy.
  • Align actions with nature’s cosmic rhythms.

Our Promise:

  • Amavasya Tarpan Puja: Ancestor reverence assured.
  • Tap new moon energy in puja commitment.
  • Offerings symbolize love, remembrance.
  • Balance ancestral karma, guide puja.
  • Strengthen ancestral bond, blessings.
  • Introspection, gratitude for wisdom.
  • Rituals purify, connect spiritually.
  • Water offers soul nurturing symbolism.
  • Uphold cultural, familial legacy.
  • Harmonize puja with cosmic Amavasya.

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